Unique, one of a kind, hand made body harness lingerie

Harness Me Designs - Vancouver, BC Canada hand made luxury body harness lingerie.

Harness Me Designs was founded in 2016 by creator, owner & operator Emily Johnston with the goal of bringing unique, fun, high quality lingerie to all bodies who love to wear it. Hand made to order with care and quality in mind, these pieces are made to last.

With many unique styles, colour combinations, and a wide size range from XS-5XL Woman's* US + Custom sizing, designs, & colour selections & combinations upon request, there really is something for everyone.

These stretch to fit harnesses are designed to fit in a way that hugs the body to provide a feeling of both comfort and sex appeal. Regardless if you're celebrating Pride, at a festival, or just enjoying yourself (and someone else ;) ), these harness are made to make you feel like it was designed for your body. From the specific connecting cross points on certain pieces, to the length of straps, everything about how one's body feels when wearing one of the harnesses is kept in mind.
Why not look good and be comfortable, right?

Harness Me Designs is an inclusive company and is represented by an owner who has always been pro LGBTQ+ (if you see a flag not represented in shop already, please feel free to send us a message to suggest some colours & styles you think would be a great match to help everyone show off their Pride & colours), pro POC (would you like to see more skin tones available in shop? Just let us know and we'll get right on it), pro SW, inclusive feminist, pro choice, and unabashedly and strongly for the equal rights of all.      *We do support free speech but do reserve the right to refuse any orders we feel are representative of hate speech. 

Currently Harness Me Designs is working on expanding available colour & size range, if you see a colour available in one item, it's likely available in every item in shop. 
Don't see a colour available? Feel free to send us a message so see if we have access to ordering in the colour you need as well as the expected wait time for special order colours.

We love what we do, and feel we do it really well but are always open to suggestions on how to improve. We make these items for you and we love to hear how you feel we could improve. So feel free to send us a message with any suggestions you may have. 

Want to be featured in our social media? Send us a message with the photo you'd like featured, let us know where with permission for posting, as well as any social media handles you'd like tagged (we may not be able to fit them all, so include your most important one's first). 
Feel free to tag us #HarnessedMe #HarnessMeDesigns or (at) us at @HarnessMeDesigns on IG: www.instagram.com/harnessmedesigns/<br />We love seeing you enjoying your order! 

Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts for all your continued support and love, we really wouldn't have a reason to do this without you.

Emily Johnston & Team - Harness Me Designs

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